Expressing Compliments

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Expressing compliments

1)       That’s a lovely (cake)

2)       That was a nice (lunch)

3)       You look good in that dress

4)       What a lovely (garden)

5)       You’re really a good cook

6)       You’ve done a great job

7)       You did it very well

8)       That’s nice

9)       I really like your (skirt)

10)   I think your (hair) is very nice

11)   Well done

12)   You’re doing just fine

13)   You’re doing great

Responding to compliments

1)       Thank you

2)       I’m glad you enjoyed it

3)       Thanks. Do you really think so?

4)       Thank you very much. It’s nice of you to say so

5)       I’m glad you like it

6)       Thanks a lot

7)       It’s very good of you to say so

8)       How nice of you to say so.

9)       Thank you very much for saying so.

10)   I’m glad you think so.

11)   Oh, it’s nothing special actually.

12)   Oh, not really.


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